Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards Reflects on Busy 2021 Sports Season and Post-Pandemic Sports

Eric Bitz

December 23, 2021

Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards Reflects on Busy 2021 Sports Season and Post-Pandemic Sports

Eric Bitz from BuyNiceCards Reflects on Busy 2021 Sports Season and Post-Pandemic Sports

BuyNiceCards founder and sports expert Eric Bitz sheds light on the state of sports in 2021.

Major sports leagues across the world were disrupted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccines slowly bringing the virus under control in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, sports are, in some ways, returning to normal. Sports card enthusiast Eric Bitz, the founder of BuyNiceCards, is going to share his thoughts on how sports seasons will play out in 2021.

“Compared to many industries, sports actually adjusted pretty well in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020,” Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards argues. “Many leagues still held championships, although in some cases the season and playoff format had to be altered.”

With billions of dollars on the line, sports executives worked hard to carry on during the pandemic. And with so many people stuck at home, matches and playoffs offered some much-needed respite. The bubbles set up by sports teams also demonstrate how people can be protected and operations can continue even amid a pandemic.

Still, there were many disruptions. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, for example, were postponed until this year. While the Tokyo Olympics are set to go forward in a few weeks, the often massive crowds and events will likely be quite subdued.

“The impact on the Olympics may turn out to be quite tremendous in the long run,” Eric Bitz says. “Some countries and cities have already balked at the cost of hosting the Olympics. The disruptions this year may encourage governments to scale back even more.”

This doesn’t mean that the show won’t go on, however, and the Olympics will likely be around for a long time to come. Yet with construction for future Olympic sites potentially slowed by the pandemic, future events may also be disrupted.

So long as vaccines prove effective, however, the 2021 NFL, college basketball, and college football leagues, among others, may feel quite normal this year.

BuyNiceCards Owner Eric Bitz Believes Impact of COVID-19 Will Be Felt For a Long Time
Traditional sports leagues in the United States and elsewhere may also feel the impact of COVID-19 for years to come. While many games were played, many teams competed in front of empty stands. And many fans who might normally enjoy a day at the stadium were instead stuck at home.

Many teams and leagues were already struggling with attendance. High-definition TVs now offer an excellent at-home experience and organizing watch parties can be just as fun, if not more so, than attending in person.

“I love attending games in person,” Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards says, “but there’s a lot of convenience to watching games at home. The view on your high-definition TV is much better than the view offered by a nose bleed seat. Food, drinks, and everything else is much cheaper too. Ultimately, sports teams may need to improve the stadium experience to attract a large game day audience.”