Eric Bitz Explains Why Sports Cards Can Make For Great Investments

Eric Bitz

April 16, 2021

Looking for investment opportunities? Eric Bitz is going to outline why sports cards may make for attractive investments.

Sports cards have made headlines in recent weeks, with exceptionally rare and valuable cards selling for millions of dollars. Eric Bitz, an expert on sports cards, argues that such cards make for great investments.

“With governments pushing lax monetary policies and expansive stimulus, we’ve seen stock markets and other traditional investment vehicles reach or near record highs,” Eric Bitz points out. “A lot of people are looking for alternative investments, including precious metals, bitcoin, and the like. Sports cards also deserve a close consideration as an investment vehicle.”

Some investors and analysts have argued that stock markets are overvalued and that aggressive stimulus and lax monetary policies are inflating markets. Some even believe that stock markets and other financial markets have entered bubble territory and are destined to pop.

Meanwhile, gold, silver, and other precious metals have enjoyed substantial gains as well. So too have bitcoins, which in the not so distant past sold for under $10,000 a pop. Recently, bitcoins have surged past $50,000 a piece. Yet such gains have some folks questioning if alternative investment vehicles have also entered bubble territory.

“I can’t tell you if bitcoin or precious metals are still a wise investment, they’ve posted huge gains in recent weeks,” Eric Bitz says. “That said, I do think the right sports cards and other rare memorabilia still offer great investment opportunities.”

Considering Inflation and Supply When Investing in Sports Cards, According to Eric Bitz

So what makes sports cards and similar investments so attractive? Rarity is one major factor. Often, there are only a tiny number of rare sports cards, which is typically a big part of why they are so attractive and expensive. Supply won’t be increasing, these cards have already had their print run, so when you buy a rare sports card, you can be all but certain that it is indeed rare.

Over time, money loses value. Fifty years ago, $20 could buy a whole lot more than today. Money supplies have also generally increased over time, which some analysts believe helps explain inflation. Yet the supply of rare sports cards will always be restrained. As such, sports cards may offer a way to not only invest but also to hedge against inflation.

“There will likely be more dollars in the economy this time next year compared to now. There will also likely be more bitcoins available, and even gold and precious metals too,” Eric Bitz argues. “But with rare sports cards, if there are five copies today, there will probably be five or fewer original copies next year. This may make the right sports cards at the right price a relatively safe investment if anything.”

Of course, sports cards and other collectibles have their own intrinsic value that’s not necessarily tied to financial value.

“I started as a sports card collector because I enjoy collecting them, it brings me happiness,” Eric Bitz claims. “Yes, money is important, but at the end of the day, happiness is important too.”